Wood: Where to Begin?

“Pet the Cat”. It is an entirely accurate analogy for wood working. If you aren’t paying attention to the grain, then you are going to find you work less pleasurable and less successful.

All aspiring woodworkers, carpenters, timber framers and those that work wood should start with hand tools in their hands. Power tools have no place in the novice’s toolbox. Hand tools give you feedback when working wood. If you don’t cut straight, your saw binds and your effort and results are less than satisfactory. If you push your block plane, or jack plane, across a face in the wrong direction, the chatter and results are rather unsightly. Proper woodworking takes less effort. Know thy material! Once you have an appreciation and understanding of how to approach your work, by learning from hand tool work, then you may graduate to the power tools.

Let’s go over some hand tool methods, next week.


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