Engineered Plans

Are you ready to build but the permit office, prudence, or Joint and Peg, is suggesting engineered drawings?

Then it’s time to get proper construction drawings with our Engineered Timber Frame Plan. The set covers all bases including the methods of the work, compliance, and materials. Our individual product pages describe whether we can provide this service for your state.

A Professional Engineer that has licensure in your state will seal your plan.  Consequently, the plans will include site specific address data, design criteria, and material specifications.  You can submit these construction documents directly to any Authority Having Jurisdiction (Permit Office) that is requesting or requiring these for your project. You will have at least (3) choices of timber species. Typically, you can count on Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, or Oak to pass muster.  You will let us know which of those is most suitable for your project.

If you would like further information on what is included in our engineered plans, please refer to our timber frame plan options page.

Please note that a previous purchase of a design’s concept plan will be credited towards this engineered service.

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