Timber Frame Shop Drawings

Our timber frame shop drawings are everything in the Engineer Plan without the seal, design criteria, and timber species choice.  We only offer this option on small pergolas and other accessory structures.  Shop drawings include individual piece drawings for every member even though we produce all the information you need in the plans to build without them.

Timber Frame Shop Drawings include:

  • Scaled and dimensioned plan views
  • Scaled and dimensioned elevations
  • Scaled and dimensioned sections
  • Joint Details
  • Material Lists
  • Individual Piece Drawings

Without the engineering seal material species is not specified, and we do not know where you plan to build this plan. The site environment whether it alpine or coastal, both have their different live loads and exposures. Therefore, these are design only plans in which we cannot claim whether this configuration will work for your area.  Consequently, Joint and Peg can make no claim or warranty to its suitability or performance.

We have our engineering option that we always recommend.

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