We supply our customers with high quality construction plans and design services.

We believe in the time-tested strength, beauty, and assembly ease of the interlocking construction joint. All our work and products revolve around this principle. An interlocking arrangement; secured with the pin. It is beautiful, practical, and strong. We design and build with this as a guide.

Design and Project Management Services

Providing high quality design and support services for timber frame and/or wood construction projects. Beyond the typical design drawings. Our goal is to provide you more value than the cost of our services.

3d Modeling

From scratch or starting with your Sketchup or other models


Presentation grade renderings for marketing or approvals.

Permit Drawings

Design and engineered drawings with state PE seal.

Shop Drawings

Construction aligned drawings for layout and fabrication.

Material Controls

Quantifying, listing, and optimizing your material needs to save resources and money.


Discussing project feasibility and expected costs.

Stock Construction Plans

Our stock design plans include all the information to successfully budget and build the project. Our goal here at Joint and Peg is to provide the builder, and/or customer, quality design plans so that a seamless construction process can occur. From preconstruction budgeting, to ordering materials, to commencing in the work, and onto completion: our design documents address all of these aspects.

Free Study Guide

Our free study guide so you can determine if this design is suitable for your project before purchasing our plans.

Concept Drawing

Great for submitting for approvals and gathering estimates.

Core Plan Set

Plan set without connection details to allow for options that you or your builder may prefer. Includes material lists.

Timber Frame Plan Packages

Our Core Plan Set with additional timber frame connection details and individual piece drawings. Includes material lists.