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Timber Frame Joinery Library


We are compiling this library of timber frame joinery for you. Whether you are a carpenter looking to expand your skill set or a visitor looking into how we build here at Joint and Peg, we hope you find the following informative and interesting.  This is a free resource that we have built from our experience in designing and building timber frame structures.

A purchase of one of our stock plans or an annual membership will provide you with full access to all of these details to download and print on letter size sheets.  Otherwise, you are free to read them as images on the webpage. Our joint designs are some of our own, and others are handed down through traditions.  We update our library frequently as we provide more stock timber frame plans and frame packages for offer to our customers.

Please note that these details are for your reference purposes only.  They are only small details of the bigger picture which are illustrated in our plan sets.

We provide both examples of using irregular rough sawn timber and surfaced s4s timbers.  Most of the details are applicable to either timber type.

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When you want to decorate or carve features into your timbers you want to embellish them!  Embellishments in timber structures include, but are not limited to, chamfer details, chamfer stops, pendants, radial reliefs, parallel reliefs, date carvings, and more!  Typically, you want to do most of these after the frame […]

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