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All the plans in this web site are protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the U.S. Code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The owner of the copyright retains title and ownership of the original documents. The blueprints licensed to you cannot be used by or resold to any other individual.

Reproduction of these plans, either in whole or in part, including any form of copying and/or preparation of derivative works thereof, for any reason without prior written permission, is prohibited. The purchase of a set of plans in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of home plans for the construction of one dwelling/ and or structure. The purchase of additional sets of that home plan at a reduced price from the original set or as part of a multiple set package does not convey to the buyer a license to construct more than one dwelling. Similarly, the purchase of reproducible sets carries the same copyright protection. To use any plans more than once, and to avoid any copyright /license infringement, it is necessary to contact Joint and Peg to receive a release and license for any extended usage.

Copyright and licensing of home plans for construction exist to protect all parties. It respects and supports the intellectual property of the original architect or designer. Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years. Willful infringement could cause settlements for statutory damages up to $150,000 plus attorney fees, damages, and loss of profits.

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