Timber Design, Engineering and Project Management

Providing high quality design, engineering, and support services for timber frame and/or wood construction projects. Beyond the typical design drawings. Our goal is to provide you more value than the cost of our services.

Serving the Continental USA with a focus on our home, The Southeast. We are experienced in heavy timber frame design, residential design, project management, and project feasibility services. Our experience is nationwide.

3d Modeling

Joint and Peg’s standard 3d modeling service serves as the basis of our design work.  We produce clean and precise modeling.  Described below are a few paths and options that our clients may choose from.  We are also confident in suggesting which design service is appropriate after discussing your construction project and/or stage with you.

Our Cadwork Software

Premier Wood Construction CAD/CAM Software.

Your Sketchup Model

Wonderful for getting started. Lots of users.

Other Cad Formats

Our software can import most types of file formats.

Conceptual Modeling Service: (CMS)

timber frame engineering

Many of our custom design clients will have us produce a concept model before hiring us for other services.  It’s a good value, and a logical approach, for determining whether to move forward with more involved timber design services such as Permit and/or Fabrication drawings. We work from scratch and from architectural plans. Our typical Conceptual Modeling Service provides the following:

  • Basic Axonometric View
  • Plan View
  • (2) Simple Elevations to gather Height, Scale and Mass.
  • Viewer File
  • Preliminary Cut List of materials for pricing measures.

Depending on size and complexity of the project this service cost range is typically between $350 and $550. Below is an example of a recent Custom Concept Drawing.

Custom Concept Drawing by Joint and Peg

Working with your Sketchup Model: (SKP)

shed roof carriage house

We provide the timber frame Sketchup model service commonly to other timber framers, timber frame companies.  If you like to model your own frames but then get to the point where either you don’t like to produce 2d drawings or lists, or you are limited by the Sketchup, then this service is for you.  We do ask that you have your Sketchup model built with proper components.  We can fix this too though. Our typical “Working with your Sketchup Model” service provides the following:

  • Assignment of Parts numbers to each element in your model
  • Production of 1 to 2 sheets of axonometric views that show the parts numbers.
  • Cut list of timber or other parts with the appropriate unit for the material
  • Piece drawings of your chosen timbers produced for fabrication work.

High Resolution Color Renderings

When your project requires a step up from typical black and white 2d drawings our customers choose our High Resolution Color Rendering Service.  Rendering service pricing can cover a tremendous range regarding pricing and quality. Joint and Peg offers simple pricing of 3D renderings at a tremendous value while not sacrificing quality. 

One of the best applications for this type of rendering package is:

  • Regulatory Approval
  • Design Planning/ Approval
  • Conceptualization

Our typical rendering service starts at $400 USD and includes: 4 Elevation renders and 1 Perspective at 1920 x 1080 full HD images.

This package is an excellent value as it is a step up from the bottom-of-the-barrel render pricing typically seen at this price. This does not include any additional rendering images or requested tweaks.  Please inquire with us if you would like to discuss our service further.  Custom and larger format images can be produced at an additional hourly charge rate listed above. The time required will be estimated at the time of consult.

We can work with several file formats of yours, or we can piggyback this service onto our typical Conceptual Modeling Service where we create the design/modeling.

A few hundred dollars is not a lot when it increases the chances of convincing a regulatory board, client or significant other to approve the project and go ahead with construction.

Permit Drawings

 Joint and Peg’s permit drawing service for timber frame design and engineering are offered on a custom basis for our clients.  This service includes residential, farm structure, and accessory dwelling unit design and construction documents with state engineer seal.  What’s includes is as follows:

  • Foundation Design
  • Frame Design
  • Wall Detailing and Connection
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Floor Plans

What’s not included but might be required by your local authority:

  • Site Plan
  • Soil Testing

Shop Drawings

This standard includes a full set of drawings for your build including bent and wall frame drawings. Our frame bent drawings are designed by a timber framer and thus always consider raising sequencing in the design. The seasoned carpenter/timber framer can build the frame from our bent drawings.

  • Timber list
  • Production Numbers
  • Joinery Details
  • Stick Drawings

Individual piece drawings of the structure. Only as a last measure. You should not need these considering the thought that goes into the Plan Shop Drawing Set. Sometimes with complicated compound members, this service makes good sense.

Material Controls / Optimization

Material Optimization

Easing minds and clarified accounting of materials is a service we think is undervalued. At Joint and Peg we can work with your model, or ours, to reduce waste through optimized ordering of materials.  This not only saves money, but resources as well.  On medium to large scale projects this optimized material service can directly and immediately save 2x the cost of our service.  In other words, it’s feasible for our service at $750 to save your $1,500 immediately at the time of material purchasing. Includes the following:

  • Optimized Material Ordering
  • Production Number Assignments and List
  • Nested Drawings showing which Production Number is in each ordered piece.

Contact us for a free Estimate! Send us your Sketchup model or other cad formats.  You will like this service!