When you want to decorate or carve features into your timbers you want to embellish them!  Embellishments in timber structures include, but are not limited to, chamfer details, chamfer stops, pendants, radial reliefs, parallel reliefs, date carvings, and more!  Typically, you want to do most of these after the frame has been cut and pre-fit together and you know everything is correct.  Embellishments can take a good bit of time to complete so you wouldn’t want to spend a day on a carving only to not be able to use the piece after you miscut a joint later.

8×8 Queen Post Pendant

This queen post is part of a timber frame truss with a bottom chord that consists of an (2) 8×10’s with a tie rod arrangement.  If you are looking for information on that assembly, look for our Tie Rod joint detail in this library.  The focus of this post is more with the shape and geometry of how you could create a pendant embellishment on the bottom of a queen post that has a visible full sectional area above your head in a vaulted roof.

This embellishment detail comes from our 24×42 Wedding Pavilion Plan.


See our full frame stock plan library.

You’ve studied the details. Look at our plans for an affordable price to start your project.

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