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Garden Structure Plans

Small garden structure plans that are geared for the DIY folks. These are smaller in size and not too much for a novice to take on. If you are looking to get started in building timber frames, this is the place to start.  These small timber structures can sometimes be built without a permit as most are under 150 sq/ft.  However, we recommend you check with your jurisdiction as all local ordinances are different.

The beauty of timber frame structures is well suited for the exposed bones of a garden structure.

As with all our plans we assist with proper material ordering and providing solid fundamentals in design and construction approach.

  • timber_frame_pergola

    12×12 Timber Frame Pergola Plan

    £13 Add to cart Garden Structure Plans

    Nice small patio structure and a great project for a beginner timber frame project. At 12x12x10 feet tall it can fit in lots of secluded spaces but still create a strong focal point. This plan provides you with all the material lists and construction drawings to make this project a success.

  • 16X24-timber-frame-pavilion-plan

    16×24 Timber Frame Pavilion Plan

    From £13 Select options Backyard Plans

    A classic mid-size timber frame. There are many possible functions for this struture including a carport, pavilion, pool house, and arbor. Our 16×24 timber frame pavilion plan is the most thorough and delightful you will find.

  • timber_frame_trellis_plan

    12×12 Timber Frame Trellis Plan

    £15 Add to cart Garden Structure Plans

    A lovely semi-private area this would be in your garden or backyard. This plan includes it all to make the project a reality. Timber frame details and single beam drawings included!

  • garden_house_timber_frame

    12×14 Garden House Plan

    From £32 Select options Garden Structure Plans

    Perfect for the outdoor dining room in your garden. We envision suspending canvas curtains around the walls to create an intimate experience,

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