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16×24 Timber Pavilion Project

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This 16×24 Timber Pavilion is a standout from other heavy timber pavilions in that it uses significantly less timber material than the other plans without sacrificing the feel and strength of a properly constructed timber pavilion. The smaller timbers in the frame results in both economic and labor savings. The simple architecture makes it a less difficult timber frame to assemble and raise than others. It is well suited for park shelters, backyard outdoor living, an even a single bay carport.

Hang some curtains and watch them flow in the breeze while you entertain under this timber pavilion.  This pavilion design is the real deal, and we provide all the information and help we can without putting on our toolbelts and joining the work.  If you are close enough, we just might do it!

16×24 Timber Pavilion Concept Plan

The style portion of the Concept Plan includes perspective views and renderings.  We also include an elevation with a nice, landscaped backdrop setting.  Use these pretty views to drum up support!

  • Scaled Elevations with Landscape Backdrop
  • (1) Rendered Perspective
  • (4) Axonometric Views

The architectural section of the Concept plan includes base dimensions for overall footprint, eave heights, roof slope, and ridge heights.  Use these sheets in the plan to consider the site and how it fits into your possible construction area.

  • (4) Scaled Elevations
  • Scaled Post Plan
  • (1) Wireframe View
  • (1) Scaled Longitudinal Section
  • (1) Scaled Transverse Section

The materials section of our Concept plan includes material quantity lists to help you, or your builder understand costs associated with this project. No other supplier of plans gives you this much information for this value.

  • (1) Masonry View that corresponds with the Masonry Take Off List
  • (1) Wood View that corresponds with the Wood Take Off List
  • (1) Square Foot Surface View that shows perimeter lengths and areas
  • (1) Wood List that includes all the wood needed for the project
  • (1) Masonry List that includes all the concrete and grout needed for the project
  • (1) Surface List with Areas and Perimeters Totals to determine finish material pricing

All of the above is included in our Concept plan for less than $20.

16×24 Engineered Timber Frame Plan

Are you ready to build but the permit office, or prudence, or Joint and Peg, is suggesting engineered drawings?

Then it’s time to get proper construction drawings of the 16×24 Timber Pavilion with our Engineered Timber Frame Plan. The set covers all bases including the methods of the work, compliance, and materials.  Please see “Additional Information” on this page to determine whether we can provide this service for your state.

A Professional Engineer that has licensure in your state will seal your plan.  Consequently, the plans will include site specific address data, design criteria, and material specifications.  You can submit these construction documents directly to any Authority Having Jurisdiction (Permit Office) that is requesting or requiring these for your project. You will have at least (3) choices of timber species. Typically, you can count on Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, or Oak to pass muster.  You will let us know which of those is most suitable for you.

Sealed Section of the Plan

  • Cover Sheet
  • Design Criteria and General Notes
  • Material Specifications
  • Axonometric Views
  • Frame Design Plan Views, Elevations, and Sections
  • Joint Details and Connections
  • Fully Dimensioned with the correct references (Carpenter dimensioning)
  • Foundation Plan View, Section, and Detail

Material Lists

  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Wood
  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Masonry
  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Connectors
  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Screws
  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Pegs
  • Bills of Materials – Parts Lists:  Miscellaneous

Individual Piece Drawings Add-on

If desired, we can provide the following additional option to accompany the purchase of our Engineered Timber Frame Plan.

Timber Frame Plan

This offering is everything in the Engineer Plan without the seal, design criteria, and timber species choice.  We only offer this option on small pergolas and other accessory structures.

The material species is not specified, and we do not know where you plan to build this plan. The site environment whether it alpine or coastal, both have their different live loads and exposures. Therefore, these are design only plans in which we cannot claim whether this configuration will work for you area.  Consequently, Joint and Peg can make no claim or warranty to its suitability or performance.

We have our engineering option that we always recommend.

3d CAD/ CNC Model – Builder Member or Prequalification Required

We supply you with a 3d model that can be used for fabrication by a CNC machine. This purchase includes a licensing agreement for one use of the model unless agreed to otherwise.  This product includes our Engineered Timber Frame Plan unless the project does not offer engineering as it is a small pergola or shed.

Our models are guaranteed collision free and to be 100% accurate with what is shown on the drawings.

Model comes with associated parts lists and production lists.

Ready to Assemble Timber Frame Kit – Builder Member or Prequalification Required

We manage the production of your frame and have it delivered to your construction site. Only available at this time in the Tri-State area of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. This product includes our Engineered Timber Frame Plan.

Are you looking for more information about timber framing in general?  Please look into out Timber Frame Project Guide as we share our experience with managing construction projects.

Questions about the Plan
If you have any specific questions about our plans, please leave it here and we will answer you promptly.
You will see this at the top of the page directly under the name of the plan/product.
Zip Code is important as it gives us an idea of what your climate is like. Snowy, windy, etc.

Joint and Peg

Bills of Materials

Wood List, Masonry List, Surface Area Takeoff, Peg List, Screw List, Connector List

States with Engineering Offered


Timber Connections

Post and Beam Hardware, Traditional Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Plan Timber Type Options

Surfaced 4 Sides

3d CNC Model Options

ACIS (.sat), Rhino (.3dm)

Kit Timber Species Options

Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine

States with Kit Offered


Site Install Area Availability



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